Appropriately Inappropriate

     Looking ahead to June - the J Ryan Trio will be appearing at several local beer gardens.  I'm not big into gardening, but I do just fine with beer.  We'll have details for you in the next installment of this fine publication, but today I'd like to remind everyone about a little album release party in which I've been invited to participate. 

     I’m occasionally asked to help out on recording projects, most recently on an album entitled Appropriately Inappropriate.   It’s a wild ride through Latin and Afro-Cuban - rhythm infused mayhem that challenged and expanded the arranging and performing ability of all cats involved.  The album release party for this melee of sound is slated for Sunday May 15, an afternoon that will undoubtedly be… Appropriately Inappropriate.  Tracks are available on the Music page.  Hope to see you there! 

Appropriately Inappropriate - Album Release Party 

Sunday May 15 

2pm to 4pm - doors open 1:30 

free admission 

Story Hill Firehouse - just south of Bluemound on Hawley Road 

407 N Hawley Road, Milwaukee 53213 

262 477 5813