MMMM... What's up doc?

It's... high time this newsletter returns to its original intent: a cathartic outlet sharing with you the wacky doings and goings on of my day-to-day.  To wit:  the young band of roommates next door.  Good kids, nice guys, but keen to enjoy while sitting on their driveway, shall we say, cigarettes of a certain variety.   No big deal, but Indeed they smokestack herbs in sufficient quantities to affect the woodland creatures passing between our closely spaced row-houses.   I don't mind helping the squirrels stagger back to their appointed trees. But the rabbits, presumably suffering from the bunny munchies, are consuming my garden tomatoes and flowers at an increasingly ravenous rate.  The raccoons have requested more half eaten doritos bags be left in the trash bin... 

    Now I've always believed that 90% of problems can be hammered out if folks get together and chat face to face, and I'm happy to report that an air-quality detente has been reached.  My garden gnome looks less glassy eyed already. 

    Hey - music is no different - it works best when done face to face - live and in person where musicians, listeners, even hecklers can share some tunes, trade some laughs.  5G connectivity is great, and you should find us on facebook and check out our website at,  but I'd encourage you to also stop out and recharge in person at any of the upcoming soirees listed below.  All are kid-friendly - most are dog friendly too!