A Band for All Seasons

     If variety is the spice of life, the J Ryan Trio is the Mrs Dash of music.  A bland three person trio?  no no no.. our hugely capable drums+bass+piano rhythm section is regularly augmented as our very own Kit-Kat cameos her youthful exuberance on vocals while the Lovely Laura weaves harmonies.  Layer-cake this with the imaginatively creative tones of the Mighty Bob on saxophone - a top shelf  player.  To this tonal horn-of-plenty, we now add truly killer gee-tar to the JRT barnyard.  For jazz?  yes.  For 70's and 80's? yes.  For Blues, Motown and Soul?  oh ya.  Accept nothing less than the full bodied, rich, thick and meaty sound of a 5 or 6 person 'trio' to keep the entertainment and fun needles pegged at 'max'. 

   In other news,  I was told just yesterday that "hey your website doesn't have any bookings listed, you guys must suck".  Unable to argue that logic, I went ahead and uploaded details on several up and coming events.  Do stop out for a great time in music, fun and friendship.  And don't hold back, feel free to let me know the specifics of what's good and what sucks.  I thrive on honest feedback - ha ha.