It's Christmas!... or is it?

   It's Christmas Time! ...    or is it?
     Recent survey by the mind-crushingly perky folks hosting the local TV morning show revealed the following responses to the following question "When should local radio change format to Christmas tunes?"
  • After Halloween       16%
  • After Thanksgiving   37%
  • Anytime                    11%
  • Never                       36%
     That's right, trailing a single point behind "After Thanksgiving" was "Never", confirming yet again our slow societal slide into grinch-like nihilism... and this from folks willingly tuning in to local a.m. TV.   But I say "no!"  The arctic tundra-scape of January and February are depressing enough that you'd do well to hide my extension cords but Christmas time.... Christmas time is a few scant weeks when we are reminded of the hope we've been gifted by the true meaning of Christmas.  It's this hope I intend to celebrate, and I would love for you to join us!