Defrost and cook thoroughly

     You're tired of hearing about the weather...  I know, I know, but I love to trade stories on our recent mega snow, deep freeze and London fog.  OK, I'll go first - feel free to hit reply and chime in with your own tundra tales.
  • Nearly took a full Clark W Griswald ride off my roof last week.  Clearing snow / ice dams and zip zap I'm in luge position and heading towards the edge.  Arrested my forward motion before going hind-quarters-over-tea-kettle into the bushes, but sufficient to flash at least a portion of my life before my eyes, which oddly included pop-up ads and clickbait.
  • Snow-laden neighbor's tree eased itself horizontal like an old man into a hot bath until it rested atop my car.  Still working to dig that out with snow shovel and chainsaw.  Most on the mailing list have met me personally... would you trust me with a chainsaw?   We'll it's happenin just the same... heh heh.
  • Learned that yes I can drive with mittens on - not a bad way to stay warmer.  Some lane deviation into median / sidewalk.
  • Tree out front has these apparently fermented berries that the birds are mental for.  They fly drunker than Southwest and have bonked into windows / parked cars.  Gotta be tough to be a bird in the Wisconsin cold, but I'm guessing they don't feel a thing.
  • Then there's the skating rink formerly my walkway.  Oh I salted it, seasoned to taste with Mrs Dash, but it stayed slicker than Cory Henry on the B3.  Did I take a tumble?  I did not.  Did I slip sufficiently to invoke a triple salchow into a double tuck and nail the landing?  Ukrainian judge gave it a 9.5.
  • Our winter specialty?  loading in music equipment while keeping out the cold.  Lightning fast work at the door such that diners / venue patrons in close proximity feel nary a draft.  It's a J Ryan Trio specialty and just one of the many subtle ways we strive to provide the best music experience for all involved... cause we love y'all so much.