Rabbit Season

 A fast and friendly reminder that the J Ryan Trio will be at Ally's Bistro this Good Friday, March 29, music 7pm to 9pm.  Feel free to join us for a veritable cornucopia of fun including:
  • Professor Hal on the dog haaaause bass.
  • Groovilicous musical selections from the roaring twenties all the way to today.  By today of course I mean old school 'today' which is... like... twenty years ago.
  • Fine fine food and drinks - and the new Ally's lounge: a comfortably appointed space for cocktails and conversation.
  • Free pony rides.
  • Colloquium style discussion on the Easter tradition of an egg-laying rabbit - and why colored eggs?  and, AND how Cadbury's marketing schlocks horned in on that whole racket.
  • Speaking of candy, we'll throw open the floor to heated debate on whether Reese's Easter Eggs or Christmas Trees have the superior chocolate to peanut butter ratio 
    • It's really about internal volume vs surface area... I mean... mathematically...
  • Fresh new track from our latest studio project