All that's new in '22

J Ryan Trio - what happened?  Where have you been?  Did you quit music and take up golf?   How did the arraignment go?  Was the surgery successful?  When did the Denny's Grand Slam stop including bacon? 

     Hey thanks for asking - responses below to bring you up to speed: 

Rough winter 
Nope - but am working on my short game 
Tail has been removed 
Shoulda come with bacon - I'd ask the waitress

      Indeed I have been busy as a mad hatter helping out on a number of music projects and am excited about the upcoming dates below that you won't want to miss. 

      My home church of Brookfield Lutheran hosts a vibrant and lively music program (pop in Sundays at 9:15am or 10:45).  A few of those fine musicians have also been bringing old school gospel, Christian contemporary done up funky, and what we affectionately dub 'songs from the heart' - tunes with a great message from the likes of Bill Evans, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and others, around town to various venues and church festivals.  We call it 'The Fellowship Project' and will be kicking off the 2022 season April 3rd.  Cash bar: yes order in your own food via delivery: yes, sing along if you like: yes, Ryan valet parks your car: not so much.   Well actually, let me know what type of car - maybe I'm interested...

      And what of the good ole J Ryan Trio?  Why they also have April shows that promise a high energy romp through motown, 70's, 80's, jazz and... and!  Ryan promises to (finally) incorporate fresh jokes and banter, most of which will be lifted from reruns of 80's sitcoms (Night Court, Cheers, the Golden Girls... well maybe just the Betty White material... although Bea Arthur had some good lines.  Hey - did Seinfeld premiere in the 80's?  I dunno, but that was one quotable show...   What's that?   Oh I don't know what we were talking about - something to do with vitamins?   Oh - right - JRT at the Firehouse and Ally's in April.    Newsletter recipients are the first to know - pass the word if you know anyone who wants to be on the list.

     But wait... there's more!  Stay tuned for exciting news about the re-launch of our website, an April 22 date at Ally's Bistro and for a sneak peek at a recording project in which I'm excited to have been invited to participate. 

     Save the date: album release party on Sunday afternoon, May 15.  All that and more in the next exciting episode of the J Ryan Trio newsletter...   stay groovy!