Amplitude Modulation

     Must be Springtime: folks are rolling down the car windows and letting the thump-tacular sounds of fender rattling music fill the neighborhood.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of cranking up the sound system while under full-ahead steam on the road and gettin down with tunes from old to new...  well, more like old to not-quite-as-old, but I can't fathom the mindset that assumes the entire parking lot wants to hear what I'm listening to.  You can imagine, therefore, my consternation when while fueling up with shockingly high-priced petrol, I was concussed by the window rattling boom-chica-boom from the Camry Solara at the next pump.  I mean, c'mon man - it's a Camry...  Not to be outdone, as I rolled out I unleashed the mighty 20watt radio from my roached out Chevy Prizm.  Happened to be tuned to talk radio, and they were in commercial, so the gas station patrons were blessed with 10 loud seconds of the Adelman Carpet Cleaning jingle as I pulled away.   Hey - if it helps lift just one stain from deep pile or berber, I'm good. 

     Would you like to hear music at just the right volume - perfect for enjoying great songs while also enjoying conversation with friends?  Then simply check out the upcoming live music dates.

     I’m occasionally asked to help out on recording projects, most recently on an album entitled Appropriately Inappropriate.   It’s a wild ride through Latin and Afro-Cuban - rhythm infused mayhem that challenged and expanded the arranging and performing ability of all cats involved.  The album release party for this melee of sound is slated for Sunday May 15, an afternoon that will undoubtedly be… Appropriately Inappropriate.  Click on the Soundcloud link at the top of the page for a sample.  Hope to see you there!