The J Ryan Trio plays everything from jazz perfect for cocktails to hard swinging blues, motown, 60's, 70's and 80's tunes perfect for any venue or event with every dollar raised donated to great local charities.

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Previous events

Private event - at Lasata Cedarburg

 —  —

Warm wishes and lovingly crafted music to the staff and residents at Lasata - looking forward to seeing you all again.

Trinity Lutheran Freistadt Gala - 2023

What a fantastic school making a difference in the lives of kids throughout SE Wisconsin. We'll be there to lend some sparkle to the music - Order tickets for the auction and 5-star dinner at the link below

Women's Conference at Brookfield Lutheran Church

 —  —

Sing along music to kick off the conference on both Friday and Saturday. Be sure to click thru to the link below for more information and tickets.

Please click on thru to see details, a list of speakers and order tickets online


Defrost and cook thoroughly 

     You're tired of hearing about the weather...  I know, I know, but I love to trade stories on our recent mega snow, deep freeze and London fog.  OK, I'll go first - feel free to hit reply and chime in with your own tundra tales.
  • Nearly took a full Clark W Griswald ride off my roof last week.  Clearing snow / ice dams and zip zap I'm in luge position and heading towards the edge.  Arrested my forward motion before going hind-quarters-over-tea-kettle into the bushes, but sufficient to flash at least a portion of my life before my eyes, which oddly included pop-up ads and clickbait.
  • Snow-laden neighbor's tree eased itself horizontal like an old man into a hot bath until it rested atop my car.  Still working to dig that out with snow shovel and chainsaw.  Most on the mailing list have met me personally... would you trust me with a chainsaw?   We'll it's happenin just the same... heh heh.
  • Learned that yes I can drive with mittens on - not a bad way to stay warmer.  Some lane deviation into median / sidewalk.
  • Tree out front has these apparently fermented berries that the birds are mental for.  They fly drunker than Southwest and have bonked into windows / parked cars.  Gotta be tough to be a bird in the Wisconsin cold, but I'm guessing they don't feel a thing.
  • Then there's the skating rink formerly my walkway.  Oh I salted it, seasoned to taste with Mrs Dash, but it stayed slicker than Cory Henry on the B3.  Did I take a tumble?  I did not.  Did I slip sufficiently to invoke a triple salchow into a double tuck and nail the landing?  Ukrainian judge gave it a 9.5.
  • Our winter specialty?  loading in music equipment while keeping out the cold.  Lightning fast work at the door such that diners / venue patrons in close proximity feel nary a draft.  It's a J Ryan Trio specialty and just one of the many subtle ways we strive to provide the best music experience for all involved... cause we love y'all so much.

It's Christmas!... or is it? 

   It's Christmas Time! ...    or is it?
     Recent survey by the mind-crushingly perky folks hosting the local TV morning show revealed the following responses to the following question "When should local radio change format to Christmas tunes?"
  • After Halloween       16%
  • After Thanksgiving   37%
  • Anytime                    11%
  • Never                       36%
     That's right, trailing a single point behind "After Thanksgiving" was "Never", confirming yet again our slow societal slide into grinch-like nihilism... and this from folks willingly tuning in to local a.m. TV.   But I say "no!"  The arctic tundra-scape of January and February are depressing enough that you'd do well to hide my extension cords but Christmas time.... Christmas time is a few scant weeks when we are reminded of the hope we've been gifted by the true meaning of Christmas.  It's this hope I intend to celebrate, and I would love for you to join us!

Your doctor is lying to you 

     Your doctor is lying to you, or if you see the same doctor as me, then my doctor is lying to you.  See, it's like this:  the years of piano, vocals, and coming up with clever comebacks when folks shout out 'freebird' have taken their toll on ole ryan.  I said to myself, "self - you gotta take better care, be healthier".  Not wanting to shock the system, I'm taking this step by step.  'Bout 9 months ago I gave up fast food.  Not.  Easy.  Took 4 weeks for the itchin' and cravins to stop.  Heather tells me I still sometimes mumble 'McRib... McRib...  extra sauce" in my sleep.  Weird that she can hear that all the way from the yard when I'm kicked out the house...  
     Speaking of sleeping in the yard - it was roughly 6 months ago I took the next step to better health and gave up cocktails.  Completely empty calories, tamps down the immune system, studies show noooo bueno.   Then, 3 months ago started getting better sleep - 7 hours a night is the min.  Well... I'm still waiting to collect my windfall health dividend of more energy, better mood, whiter teeth, shinier coat...  Not only do I not feel better, I now have precious few excuses for how I DO feel.  Time was I could wake up on a Saturday and though I felt lousy remind myself that I was out ‘till 3am (the only time on the 24 hour clock when Taco Bell seems a good idea), got home, then chased that chimichanga with a Makers Mark.  Had a good time, then felt lousy - see, the world made sense.  Now?  Now I have neither rhyme nor reason when less than well.  No cause, no effect - all random.
     The answer?  Reintroduce bad habits to scape-goat whatever ails me.  I'll thus be starting each weekday in flavor country with 2 strips of bacon and a Pall Mall.  Deeeee-licious.
"Gee ryan, you look like hell"
"Of course I do, I fired off this Tuesday with Jimmy Dean and Phillip Morris"
"Oh, well... then carry on."
     So If you find yourself healthy as a horse (a comparison somewhat dependent on the horse), nothing will test your vigor faster than an evening with the J Ryan Trio.  You'll feel like a million bucks (all green and wrinkly).  An evening with good food, good friends and good music?  Priceless.